The Most Unusual Confirmation Number Request, Like, Ever.

Here we publish unfiltered (unlike our water) messages sent to our Customer Service and Hate Mail accounts.  Enjoy! (Or not.)

"Hello you insensitive neenerheads,
I am feeling the magnitude of your microaggressions all the way from Texas. I didn't receive a confirmation email on my purchase so I feel the deep discrimination towards me for being a female. But I'm not allowed to feel oppressed because I am not the right kind of Asian to be BIPOC and feminism is dead bc a man won woman of the year and no fucks are given about he brutalized women in the whole Hamas thing. So never mind. I have as much say as a straight white man. 
Can I get confirmation on my order? I don't know the number because my disability prevents me from remembering to save receipts.
Love and rainbows"
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