Some Poetry...Inspired by Woke Tears Water

"I give to you
The most confusing photo in the world
And yet
If you have any sense 
It isn’t confusing at all. 
I’m not even a Republican. Nor a Democrat.
I happen to think Ben Franklin and his boys were punk rock AF. 
The world is going to shit and we need more people that can think critically 
I was on a Zoom call with a friend today that outright said,
“I strongly support Hamas.” 
Ok, you realize they want you dead, right? 
You pion, Western, woman of colonizing European blood
I thought that it was ok to kill women if they’re colonizers 
And hell yes that’s a stupidly overpriced French candle.
You think Thomas Paine just started shit in the colonies with Common Sense?
He started a revolution in France, too."
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