How Do You Like Your Water?

How Do You Like Your Water?

They say only true water aficionados can spot the difference between waters. Some like tap water, others are team bottled water. But have you ever wondered how a liberal likes their water? They like it left to settle naturally.  Before you move on and keep scrolling, grab a glass of water, and let's tackle some myths about bottled water vs. tap water specific user groups like fitness enthusiasts, eco-warriors, corporate offices, etc.

Myth #1: Tap Water Always Tastes the Same

Fact (the one that doesn't care about feelings):

Bottled Water: Many find that specific bottled water brands taste the same, no matter where you buy them. This can be especially appealing to those who travel frequently or are sensitive to taste differences.

Tap Water: The flavor can change a lot based on where it's from and local treatment. Everything from minerals to treatment chemicals can change the taste.

Myth #2: Tap Water is Easier to Find


Bottled Water: You can find it just about anywhere, from gas stations to grocery stores (except maybe our brand, Woke Tears Water, since stores that don't get our jokes, won't sell us). Its convenience shines during trips or events.

Tap Water: You need a tap or water fountain, which isn't always around, especially outdoors.

Myth #3: Tap Water is Always Safe


Bottled Water: In places where tap water might be iffy due to pollution or bad treatment, bottled water's often the safer bet. It's crucial during emergencies when tap water might be sketchy.

Tap Water: In many developed areas, it's super regulated and safe. But there are times, like during boil-water alerts, when it's not.

Myth #4: Tap Water's Origin and Treatment are Clearer


Bottled Water: Top bottled water brands, like Woke Tears Water (ok, fine, we are not "top" yet, but we are a wannabe), brag about their pristine sources and are open about their purification methods.

Tap Water: Sure, cities give water quality updates, but they might not be as detailed about where the water's from or how they treat it. (Yeah, I am looking at you, Flint, Michigan!)

Myth #5: How Water's Packaged and Presented Doesn't Matter


Bottled Water: The look and feel of a water bottle can be a selling point, especially at fancy events or meetings. Some brands even add vitamins, but Woke Tears Water's secret ingredient for good health? Laughter.

Tap Water: Doesn't come with fancy branding or packaging, and you need your own container.

The woke ideology imagines that the best way to deal with injustices is to divide people into those who are "of color" and those who are not. What makes Woke Tears Water stand out isn't just our top-notch water quality; it's our mission. We're out to save humanity from the New Brave Woke World devoid of laughter!

Black & White:

Life's always been about contrasts. Day and night, good and bad, rock and roll! True balance appreciates every shade in between.

Comedy & Tragedy:

Tragedy's been around forever, and sometimes, it's just too much. That's why humans created comedy, to find laughter through the pain and take on tragedy with a light heart.


The body's first line of defense

A way to show how we feel

Pure emotion, bottled up

The Balance Formula [H2O]:

Two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen. Without this trio, there's no water. Without water, there's no life. And without life, what's the point of balance?

If this resonates with you, you're in the right spot. The planet's hurting, with extreme thoughts clouding the air. Make a change today. Support Woke Tears Water. Support humanity and balance. And stay unwoke!

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