Woke Tears™ Water, America's Boldest and Funniest Anti-Woke Brand That is Making Hydration Great Again, Debuts New Packaging

The bottled water brand, that identifies as transparent, is paying homage to the power of humor and satire with the launch of its iconic new bottle packaging inspired by its mission to save America from the Brave New Woke World.

CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Made from pure snowflake meltdowns by people who know what a woman is, Woke Tears Water, the funniest new bottled water brand on the market announced today the unveiling of its new packaging to celebrate America. Bold red, white and blue colors deliver a patriotic, fresh look. The updated bottle and exterior styling will better represent the anti-woke sentiment of the brand's customers, which is not changing, and will keep the country hydrated while providing a few laughs. With the simple act of drinking water, anyone can now make an even more bold and eye-catching statement against woke supremacy.

"We're thrilled that our new packaging now even better reflects our commitment to keeping America hydrated, while ridiculing absurd woke ideas and beliefs through humor and satire," said Kyle Taran, CEO & Founder of Woke Tears Water. "Everybody else's water is just water – our brand provides a refreshing gulp of laughter in a world thirsty for sanity. As we head into an election year, we are striving to make history by becoming the leading anti-woke bottled water brand. America was built on two principles: freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We are giving people both. We are giving people an alternative - a new, funny, and anti-woke brand, so they can stop giving money to all those companies that do not share their values. We also are proud to give people another way to make a statement and to express their defiance and rejection of the woke narrative," concluded Taran.

To build additional excitement for its new patriotic and anti-woke packaging, Woke Tears Water is implementing the refreshed packaging into all new advertising materials. Billboards have already started lining the highways throughout South Florida and the Miami area. More locations will be added nationwide, followed by various creative PR campaigns.

Woke Tears Water only can be purchased currently at https://woketearswater.com/collections/water.

A single 16.9 oz bottle is $2.95, 6-count is 12.95, 12-count is 20.95, 24-count is $36.95, plus shipping and handling. The 36 cases of 24-count 16.9 oz is $699.00, and the macroaggression order of 60 cases of 24-count 16.9 oz is $999.00, note shipping is customized and billed separately for these two bulk orders.

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